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Panty Liner Dimensions

July 27, 2015

Also called by other names such as panty shield and pantyliner, a panty liner is an absorbent material commonly used as part of feminine hygiene. It is usually placed at the gusset of a panty. It is used to absorb spotting, light menstrual flow and daily vaginal discharge. Furthermore, it is also worn to serve as tampon backup. Of course, it can also help stop slight urine leaks as well as post-intercourse discharge. Aside from these very important facts, there are more to learn about it including the panty liner dimensions.

Dimensions of a Panty Liner

The average length of a panty liner is approximately 3 inches or 76.2 millimeters. Meanwhile, the average width is about 2.25 inches or 57.15 millimeters. Furthermore, it usually has a thickness of about 0.5 inches or 12.7 millimeters on the average. An ultra-thin panty liner can be much smaller with a length of 6.3 inches or 160 millimeters, a width of about 1.97 inches or 50 millimeters and a thickness of only .039 inch or 1 millimeter.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

In terms of basic construction, a panty liner is very similar to a sanitary napkin. However, it is narrower and thinner compared to a pad. Because of this, it absorbs less, which is only suitable for everyday cleanliness and ideal for light discharge. However, it is not suitable for medium to heavy incontinence as well as menstrual flow.

Panty liners are available in different scents, shapes and sizes. In terms of portability, they range from protective long liners to compact tiny liners. No matter how big or small, these products are suitable for light menstrual flows and heavy vaginal discharges. Some designs are especially styled to fit even small underwear like thongs.


At the back of a disposable panty liner, there is a sticky adhesive, the purpose of which is to hold it in place right in the knickers. Some panty liners have wings, which can be wrapped around the knickers for extra stability. Some of the leading brands include Kotex, Always and Carefree.

Some cloth panty liners are reusable, which are available in different patterns, materials and sizes. Likewise, this particular type of product also varies in levels of absorbencies and colors. It can be secured in place by wrapping its wings around the underwear. Its ends can be snapped together. Two of the leading washable panty liner brands are Gladrags and Lunapads. Because it is made from organic cotton, this kind of product can be reused for many years just by regular washing.

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