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Panties Size Guide

August 2, 2015

The following panty size guide is meant to give you an idea of what the approximate sizes should be. You should still try out different brands, as their sizes may vary a bit. Even though they may both say 6 / medium, the fabric may affect your comfort level.

An Overview of Common Panty Measurements

If the waist measurement is 23″- 24″ and the hip is 33″-34″, the panty to get should be 4/XSmall. If the waist is 25″-26″ and the hips are 35″-36″, the size should be 5/Small. If the waist is 27″-28″ and the hip is 37″-38″, the ideal size is 6/Medium.

If the waist and hip measurements are 29″-30″ and 39″-40″, the panty size is 7/Large. If the waist is 31″-32″ and the hips 41″-42”, the right size is 8/XLarge. The size to get is 9/2XLarge if the waist and hip measurements are 33″-34″ and 43″-44″, respectively.

Panties Size

For waistlines measuring 35″-36″ and 45″-46″ hips, the size should be 10/3XLarge. 11/4XLarge is ideal if the waist measures 37″-38″ and the hips 47″-48″. If the waist is 39″-40″ and the hips 49″-50″, the right size is 12/5XLarge.

For waists measuring 41″-42″ and hips, 51″-52″, the 13/6XLarge is recommended. For a waist measuring 43″-44″ and hips 53″-54″, the size is 14/7XLarge. If the waist is 45″-46″ and the hips 55″-56″, size 15/8XLarge is suitable.

How to Find Your Panty Size

Get a measuring tape and place it around your waist. It should be snug, but not a cinch. Put the tape at the natural break of the waist. If you can’t locate this, bend your torso. The resulting crease is where you will wrap the tape measure. Jot it down.

To measure your hips, place the tape measure at the thickest part of your hips. If necessary, use a mirror so the tape measure is straight. The tape needs to be parallel to the ground. Write down the size. Assume the waist is 28 and the hip measurement is 38. Your size will be medium or 6.

Panty Sizes: Other Things to Consider

The crotch must be a comfortable fit. It shouldn’t be too loose, nor too tight against the back or front. The waistband must also be snug. If the waistband rolls, you’ve got the wrong size. You have the correct size when the band doesn’t stray and it’s comfortable.

The panty leg should also feel comfortable. They are too tight if marks are left on your leg. The leg openings should not be uneven. If you feel uncomfortable, a French cut is worth looking into. The panties should also cup your buttocks. The cupping needs to be even. Of course this won’t be an issue if you are wearing a thong.

Note that panties today come in different fabrics. Those with sensitive skin would do well to stick with cotton. Others are more comfortable with lace. You also need to spend time going over this as much as the size.

Picking the correct panty sizes are absolutely vital. Take as much time as possible when choosing.

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