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How Big is a D Cup?

July 27, 2015

Oftentimes, women have the wrong notion that having a D cup bra size means that they have extremely large breasts that are quite discomfiting; which in turn would make them self-conscious.

 Contrary to popular belief, not all women are happy to have larger-than-average breast sizes. This is why, a lot of women would rather squeeze themselves in an ill-fitting bra rather than admit they have larger than normal breasts.
How Big is a D Cup Anyway?
Before you can determine whether or not you need to get a D cup bra, you first need to get measurements as accurately as possible. To measure your cup size, take your band measurement first.
Take your measuring tape and place it around your upper torso, just below your breasts. This will be your band size. Now to get your breast measurements, wrap your measuring tape around your back all the way to the front of your breasts just at the tip of the nipples.
Next, subtract your band size from your bust size. The difference will be your cup size.
A D cup will have a difference of about four inches or between eight and ten centimeters. This is based on US, UK and International standard measurements. A Double D on the other hand will have a difference of about five inches or ten to twelve centimeters. Again, this is based on US and UK standard measurements.
International standards however will already peg this bra size as E cup.
Other D Cup Sizes
In the US, there are also the Triple D and the Quadruple D; where the former has a difference of about six inches or from twelve to fourteen centimeters; while the latter has a difference of seven inches or about fourteen to sixteen centimeters.
Incidentally, DDD is also referred to as F and a DDDD is also known as G in US standards.
On the other hand, a DDD is pegged as an E cup in the UK and an F cup in International standard measurements. Quadruple D or DDDD meanwhile is an F cup in the UK and a G cup in International standards.
To get the right bra size, particularly if you suspect that you should be wearing a D cup, it is best to ask the assistance of a store clerk in a lingerie shop.
They can give you tips on how to get the right bra measurements as well as help you select the appropriate brassiere suitable to your size and frame.
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