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How Big is a C Cup?

July 30, 2015

Both men and women seem to agree that a C cup is the perfect breast size. Though fewer than one-third of American women boast the full bosoms that mark a cup C – compared to nearly half who are a cup B – their relative rarity must contribute to their desirability. In the UK, however, C cups are the most common.

To find out how big a C cup is or even whether your proper bra size is a cup C, we need to know how to properly measure ourselves and obtain our cup size.

Precisely How Big a C Cup Is

Where the underwire of your bra defines the diameter of your breasts, cup size is all about the projection or “cup depth” of your breasts. What do we mean by this? Cup size is measured by the difference between chest measurement above or below the breast (also called “band size”) and that around the fullest portion of the breast itself (“bust size”). Obviously, then, cup size measures how far your breasts project from your rib cage or chest wall.

Just how big a C cup is varies on both sides of the Atlantic. . According to United State standards, you are a C cup if the fullest part of your breasts juts out 2.6 to 3.5 inches away from your chest wall. United Kingdom standards are a bit more modest, requiring only that the fullest part of your breasts is full enough to be 2.1 to 3.0 inches away from your rib cage. Wherever women live, however, knowing the approximate dimensions of a C cup is important for fit, comfort and fashionable appearance.

The Two Measurements That Determine How Big a C Cup Is

When checking to see what is your present cup size and, for curiosity’s sake, how big is a C cup, here are the proper ways for getting both band and bust size.

You need to ask for help, first of all, from the lingerie saleslady or, when measuring at home, a relative or friend. Having someone to help ensures that you keep the appropriate body position, back posture and arm position.

Your shoulders and arms should be at ease and straight as well. You should remain standing. Ensure that you remain comfortable and relaxed. Do not hold your breath and do not push your chest outward. This is to ensure that your chest will not artificially project outward. Exaggerating your cup size might be flattering for any female ego but poor fit is poor fit. You are bound to find yourself tugging and fretting about your straps all day long.

Make sure that you are wearing the appropriate bra while measuring for your cup size. The bra should neither be padded nor a push-up bra. It should be a standard underwired bra. The measuring tape you are using should also be a soft and flexible fabric to give you an accurate measurement.

The first measurement we need is the band size. This is the measurement directly under your breasts. The tape measure should fit tightly around your rib cage. You need to make sure that the measuring tape lies straight all the way around your chest wall.

The second measurement we need is the bust size. The measuring tape should be placed on top of the fullest part of your breasts. The fullest part of a woman’s breast is usually found above the nipples. Just like the first measurement, it should be straight all the way around and fit snugly.


In the end, you get cup size by subtracting the band size from bust size. If your bust size is 40 inches and band size 37, for example, the difference of 3 inches makes you a cup C by both British and American standards.

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