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Breast Size Chart

July 29, 2015

For women, it is very important to know their exact breast size because this will help them determine the appropriate bra size that they should be wearing. Unfortunately, a lot of women are wearing ill-fitting bras and they are not even aware of it.

Inappropriately-sized bras can cause health issues such as back and neck pains, breathing problems and even migraine headaches. What some women find out later on is that their usual size of 36 A should really be a 34 B cup size. 

A breast size chart that you can easily find on the internet can help you determine your right bra size based on your actual breast size. These charts can help you determine what cup size is right for you.

How to Take Breast Measurements

Band Size

When determining the right bra size, there is a specific way to measure your breast size. First, take your measuring tape and wrap it around your back going all the way to the front, just under your ribcage where your bra band usually sits.

If you get a half-inch measurement, like 33 and ½, round it off to make 34. If you get an odd number, just round it off to the nearest even number; if you get an even number on your measurement, then stick with this and do no alterations.

Your even number will be your band size.

Bust Line

For your bust line, wrap your measuring tape from your back all the way around your chest area, making sure that you measure on the fullest part of your breast. Take your band size measurement and subtract your bust line measurement from the band size.

Cup Size

The difference is your cup size. For your reference, see the following: A Cup has a difference of 1 between the band size and the bust line; B Cup has a difference of 2; C Cup has a difference of 3; C Cup has 4; DD or E Cup has 5; F or Triple D has a difference of 6; G Cup has 7; H Cup has 8; I Cup has 9; and J Cup has a difference of 10 between the band size and the bust line measurement.

If you need additional help in figuring out the right bra size for you, you may ask the sales assistants of your bra and lingerie shop for help in this area.

If you wish to know more about breast and bra sizes online, there are sizing guides that you can usually find in several bra and lingerie shops on the internet.

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