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Bra Sizes Chart

August 1, 2015

A good number of women do not pay much

attention to the details that should go into checking for the right bra size. Oftentimes, if the fit is okay – not a perfect fit, but just okay – women feel that this is enough.

How often do you adjust the straps of your bra during the day or pull the band down because it constantly goes up? These are clear indications that you are wearing the wrong bra size. 

Checking a bra sizes chart can help you finally figure out just what bra size you should be wearing. But first, you need to take the proper measurements.

How to Check Bra Sizes?

There are four parts of a bra that you should pay attention to. Getting the right fit for each one will ultimately mean a more comfortable bra and the right kind of support for your breast area.

First, there is the back panel of your bra band. As a rule, the back portion of your band should be lower than its front part. The back panel should be just below your shoulder blades, if it rides up; you’re wearing the wrong size.

Next, are the bra cups. If there is even just a bit of spillage, it definitely says that you have the wrong cup size. The cup should make you feel as if your breasts are comfortably sitting on the cups, in a manner of speaking.

The third essential parts that you need to check are the clasps and the front portion of your bra. The clasps in front plus the front band should be flat against your chest area.

Finally, there are your bra straps. The straps should be tight enough to stay in place without cutting on your shoulders. If they fall down even after adjusting the straps, you may be wearing the wrong cup size since falling straps usually indicate that you are not filling the cups properly.

Bra Sizes Chart

To give you a rough idea of how bra sizes are determined, check the measurements below and their corresponding bra sizes. You need to take your full bust measurement first and your measurement just around your ribcage.

For full bust measurement, measure the fullest tip of your breasts; wrapping the measuring tape from your back to the nipple area.

If you have a bust size of 39 and a ribcage size of 35 or 36, your best fit would be a 36C. For a 39 bust size with a ribcage size of 37, your bra size would be a 38B.

For a bust size of 40 with a ribcage of 35, your best fit could be a 36D. If you have a 37 ribcage measurement, your recommended bra size is a 38C; while a 38 ribcage size is ideal for a 38B bra size.

Your best option is to have your measurements double-checked by an assistant in your lingerie shop. She may be able to help you determine your right bra size.

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