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Average Breast Size

July 23, 2015

Breasts are important because they play several functions, not only in animals but also in human beings. They vary in shapes and sizes, each of which is comprised of Cooper's ligaments, adipose tissue and connective tissue. The mammary glands produce milk, which is used to nurture the young. Aside from breastfeeding, they also serve as secondary sex characteristics for females. Along with all that information, let's look at some interesting facts and the average size of breasts.

The Average Size of Breasts

What is the average breast size? In the U.S., the average size of breasts is 35.9 inches, which corresponds to a 34B bra size. In terms of the areola, the average diameter is 1.4 inches while the average nipple length is 0.27 inch when erect. The sizes of breasts vary depending on varying factors. A change in breast size is obvious during puberty and while a woman is pregnant. During a woman's menstrual cycle, their sizes normally fluctuate specifically at the point of premenstrual water retention.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

The major development of breasts in women is caused by the female sex hormone called estrogen. This thing is not normally found in men, which is the reason why the breasts of women are more prominent. Just like the rest of the human body, women need to take good care of their breasts because it is possible for them to develop different kinds of diseases.

To avoid these health problems, it is best for women to undergo regular breast exams, which should be administered by health care professionals. In case mammograms are unavailable, medical experts recommend self-examination of breasts. Of course, regular exercise and having a healthy diet can help reduce the risks of diseases. People who eat fruits and vegetables, eat a balanced diet and limit their dietary fat have very little chances of developing breast diseases.

Many cultures around the world differ on the aspect of normal or average breast size so this is also another factor to consider when considering what is average and what is not. Never forget that what you may consider average may be smaller or larger to someone else around the world.
Breasts are naturally flexible, which is the reason why wearing undergarments can easily affect their shapes. To support the breasts, women usually wear bras, which are also known to alter their shapes. Women with big breasts have higher chances of developing a condition called Myalgia, which is actually a shoulder pain resulting from bra straps.

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