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Bra Size Chart

March 25, 2015

Primarily used to support, cover and elevate the breasts, a bra is a highly important part of women’s clothing. However, its sizes vary depending on factorsbra size such as the size, shape and volume of breasts. Some breasts have more volume at the top, while others on the sides or somewhere at the bottom part. All of these things significantly affect the size of bra to purchase. Likewise, the sizing of such undergarment is affected greatly by the measurement system used. Here is a closer look at some of the important aspects used in brassiere measurements.

Different Sizes of Bras

Band Size

If you wish to purchase the right size of bra, you need to consider the proper band size, which includes measurements of the ribcage or under bust. Different regions and countries use varying sizing systems, which results to non-uniform bra sizes.

European Union countries use centimeters when measuring the size of bra. Extra small or XS measures 60 centimeters, small or S 65 centimeters and medium or M 70 centimeters. For the large or L, the measurement is 75 centimeters, 80 centimeters for extra large or XL and 85 centimeters for double extra large or XXL. In these countries, the measurement is 90 centimeters for 3XL, 95 centimeters for 4XL. In addition, the measurement is 100 centimeters for 5XL and 105 centimeters for 6XL.

In the United Kingdom and the United States, they use inches when referring to bra sizes. The measurement is 28 inches 71.12 centimeters for XS, 30 inches or 76.2 centimeters for S and 32 inches or 81.28 centimeters for M. In addition, the measurement is 34 inches or 86.36 centimeters for L, 36 inches or 91.44 centimeters for XL and 38 inches or 96.52 centimeters for XXL. The remaining measurements are 40 inches 101.6 centimeters for 3XL, 42 inches or 106.68 centimeters for 4XL, 44 inches or 111.76 centimeters for 5XL and 46 inches or 116.84 centimeters for 6XL.

Cup Size

When buying a bra, you also need to consider the cup size, which is basically the difference between the band size and the bust size. If the difference is less than an inch or about 10 to 12 centimeters, the cup size is AA. If the difference is 1 inch or about 12 to 14 centimeters, the bust size is A. For the B cup size, the difference is 2 inches or about 14 to 16 centimeters. Furthermore, the C cup refers to a difference of 3 inches or 16 to 18 centimeters, while D cup refers to a difference of 4 inches or 18 to 20 centimeters. For the E cup, which is more popular as DD, the difference is 5 inches or 20 to 22 centimeters.

The other measurements include 6 inches or 22 to 24 centimeters for the F or DDD cup size, 7 inches or 24 to 26 centimeters for the G, 8 inches or 26 to 28 centimeters for the H, 9 inches or 28 to 30 centimeters for the I and 10 inches or 30 to 32 centimeters for the J. The remaining measurements for the cup size are 11 inches or 32 to 34 centimeters for the K, 12 inches or 34 to 36 centimeters for the L, 13 inches or 36 to 38 centimeters for the M and 14 inches or 38 to 40 centimeters for the N.

Tampon Size Chart

March 25, 2015

A mass of rayon or cotton that is used by women during menstruation, a tampon is expandable to a certain limit. This medical device has various sizes. The sizes of the device depend on the packaging as well as the absorbency rating. The sizes of tampons also vary on the place where the devices were manufactured. For instance, the sizes of the devices manufactured in the U.S. are not the same with those that are manufactured in Great Britain. Most manufacturers of the device are found in these countries, so the common tampon size charts only feature U.S. and Britain’s standard sizes.

The Sizes of Tampons

Included in most tampon size charts are the sizes of the devices manufactured in the two countries. The medical devices that are manufactured in the U.S. have five sizes, namely the junior absorbency, the regular absorbency, the super absorbency, the super plus absorbency and the ultra absorbency. The junior absorbency size has an absorbency rating of below 6 grams while the rating of regular absorbency is 6 to 9 grams. The super absorbency has 9 to 12 grams rating and the rating of super plus is 12 to 15 grams. Ultra absorbent tampons have a rating of 15 to 18 grams.

The sizes of tampons manufactured in Great Britain are the light, regular, super, super plus and super plus extra. The absorbency rating of the tampons made in this country are the same with the absorbency rating of the devices made in the U.S.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

One of the benefits from using the medical device is that the odor is limited because it is not exposed to air. It is also useful for athletes since it offers freedom and discretion, which allow women to perform various activities like running as well as swimming.

Toxic shock syndrome is one of the risks associated with the improper use of the device. Some of the symptoms of this illness include body temperature higher than 38.9 degrees Celsius as well as rashes in the soles and palms. The symptoms in severe cases include renal failure, diarrhea, vomiting, hepatic inflammation and thrombocytopenia.

To prevent the development of this medical condition, women are advised to change their tampons every four hours. It is also necessary to follow the instructions for the proper and safe insertion of tampons. Moreover, it is advantageous to alternate the use of tampons and pads. Finally, do not use tampons at night or while sleeping.

Average Breast Size

March 24, 2015

Breasts are important because they play several functions, not only in animals but also in human beings. They vary in shapes and sizes, each of which is comprised of Cooper's ligaments, adipose tissue and connective tissue. The mammary glands produce milk, which is used to nurture the young. Aside from breastfeeding, they also serve as secondary sex characteristics for females. Along with all that information, let's look at some interesting facts and the average size of breasts.

The Average Size of Breasts

What is the average breast size? In the U.S., the average size of breasts is 35.9 inches, which corresponds to a 34B bra size. In terms of the areola, the average diameter is 1.4 inches while the average nipple length is 0.27 inch when erect. The sizes of breasts vary depending on varying factors. A change in breast size is obvious during puberty and while a woman is pregnant. During a woman's menstrual cycle, their sizes normally fluctuate specifically at the point of premenstrual water retention.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

The major development of breasts in women is caused by the female sex hormone called estrogen. This thing is not normally found in men, which is the reason why the breasts of women are more prominent. Just like the rest of the human body, women need to take good care of their breasts because it is possible for them to develop different kinds of diseases.

To avoid these health problems, it is best for women to undergo regular breast exams, which should be administered by health care professionals. In case mammograms are unavailable, medical experts recommend self-examination of breasts. Of course, regular exercise and having a healthy diet can help reduce the risks of diseases. People who eat fruits and vegetables, eat a balanced diet and limit their dietary fat have very little chances of developing breast diseases.

Many cultures around the world differ on the aspect of normal or average breast size so this is also another factor to consider when considering what is average and what is not. Never forget that what you may consider average may be smaller or larger to someone else around the world.
Breasts are naturally flexible, which is the reason why wearing undergarments can easily affect their shapes. To support the breasts, women usually wear bras, which are also known to alter their shapes. Women with big breasts have higher chances of developing a condition called Myalgia, which is actually a shoulder pain resulting from bra straps.

Tampon Sizes

March 21, 2015

The tampon sizes are based on their absorbency rating. The following sizes are used in the United States and the UK. But these measurements are also followed in other countries.

US Tampon Types and Sizes

In the United States, there are five sizes available. The first is the junior absorbency tampon, which comes with an absorbency rating of under 6 grams. The regular absorbency rating is between 6 to 9 grams.

A tampon with a super absorbency has a rating of 9 to 12 grams. The super plus has a rating of 12 to 15 grams. The highest rating is ultra absorbent. The ultra absorbent rating is from 15 to 18 grams.

The absorbency rating determines the amount of fluid that may be absorbed.

UK Tampon Sizes and Types

In the United Kingdom, the tampons are sold as light, regular and super. The super has two variants: the super plus and the super plus extra. The absorbency rating used in Great Britain is the same as that in the United States.

The Major Tampon Types Available in the US

There are many kinds available but the most common materials used are rayon, cotton or a mixture of the two. In the US, the most common are the cardboard, plastic, extendable and digital. The cardboard is the least expensive and simplest applicator.

The plastic applicator is more costly than the cardboard. However, this tampon size is favored by many women because it is easier to use and fits better.

There is also the extendable applicator. This variant is still new. In terms of size it is smaller than the regular tampon or applicator.

One of the benefits of using this tampon is it is discrete. To use, you just pull out the small tube. The digital tampon does not come with an applicator. This tampon is used by pushing it in manually.

Potential Risks

Many women find the tampon much easier to use than towels and napkins. But there are some females who find it uncomfortable. There is also research indicating that its usage may increase the risk of Toxic Shock syndrome (TSS). Studies show that the chances of acquiring are slim, though (1 to 100,000).

Safety Precautions

Nevertheless, to avoid potential problems, the following should be kept in mind. First, use the smallest tampon; that is, the tampon with the lowest absorbency you require. Second, you should change the tampon every 4 to 8 hours.

Third, the tampon must not be used overnight when you go to sleep. To avoid infection, the device must be kept in a clean location. The hands must be washed before and after handling the tampon.

If you experience irritation, try another variant. Finally, you should always follow the instructions for using it properly. Improper installation of tampons can cause problems too.

Given all these facts, it is crucial that you pay attention to the tampon size you use. Unless the right one is applied, you can suffer from irritation. But using the simple guidelines above, this problem can be avoided.

Sticky: Boost Your Bust – Does it Really Work?

March 20, 2015


What woman doesn’t want bigger breasts? Almost everyone does, which is why there’s a glut of natural treatments that claim to do just this, and without surgery. One of this is Boost Your Bust. While a lot of women claim it has worked for them, does that mean it will do the same for you? I did some research and this may help you decide if Boost Your Bust is worth it or not.

What is Boost Your Bust about?

Boost Your Bust comes with a complete nutritional plan designed to increase your breast size naturally. This is possible because the recipes will boost estrogen and human growth hormone. In addition, you will learn how to make your own breast enhancement cream, which Bolton says is cheaper and more effective than commercially available products.

Unlike other breast enhancing methods, Boost Your Bust is all natural, and in fact includes 10 foods that are scientifically proven to increase breast size. Also, Bolton provides very specific instructions, down to the time when you need to perform those exercises.

Boost Your Bust also includes a special breast massage that will stimulate your breasts’ growth hormones. This is in addition to other breast enhancing exercises included in the package.

The Benefits of Boost Your Bust

boostyourbustebookThe biggest benefit is you don’t have to pay for expensive surgery to enhance your breasts. Instead of surgery, you will use natural breast massages and exercises instead. Furthermore, Bolton clams that the exercises are very simple and it won’t take long before you see results.

According to its creator Jenny Bolton, this is a safe and natural way to enhance your breasts. Bolton says that by following the exercises in the book, your bust size will increase by 2 cups.

So if you are A, Boost Your Bust can turn you into a C cup in a matter of weeks. Given the claims that the product is making, I felt the need to verify the results independently, so I checked out what people who bought the product had to say.

What People are Saying – Reviews

There have been several reviews of Boost Your Bust, an indication of how popular it has become and most of the reviews are very positive.

A review of the product at says Boost Your Bust “gives you a range of effective treatments, which when combined, are going to give you a good chance of achieving your full potential breast size”. The review also says that “you’re fully protected by the money back guarantee”.

Another reviewer at says the guide is “Completely natural” and “easily understandable”. As these reviews show, Boost Your Bust does seem to work for a lot of women.

I have also read many other reviews stating that Boost Your Bust has increased their breast size by one or two cups in just a matter of weeks. I also noticed that reviewers always pointed out how easy the instructions are easy to follow.


Even though Boost Your Bust has been getting a lot of positive reviews, I have to add here that it is not perfect. For one thing, your breast won’t increase instantly like in surgery, as you have to wait a week or two to see the results.

Another thing that I have to point out here is that it is only available in e-book format, so you can’t get a physical copy. But really this is not a big issue as the e-book is easy to download and very readable.

Advice for Buyers

If you are interested in buying Boost Your Bust, you can get it at a special discounted price of $37 at the official website. This is a limited offer only, after which the price goes back to $57. Even then, it’s still a bargain because the information in the package is easily worth more than $200.

After you order the product, you will be able to instantly download the e-book. I want to add here that you can only order the product at the discounted price on the official site, and it is only there that you will get a 60 day money back guarantee. You won’t get this in other sites so if you are going to buy it, do so only at the official site.

My Recommendation

After going through all those reviews and the product itself, I have to say that Boost Your Bust is very effective, providing you with safe and natural methods for increasing your bust size. Not only are the methods successful, as many people point out, but it is also affordable. Given these facts, I must say that Boost Your Bust is definitely worth trying for women who are looking for natural ways to increase their bust size.

Click here if you are interested in more information or ordering Boost Your Bust

here is the official website:

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